A DJ’s Story

Nate Benefit
Diverse in music knowledge and catalogue, award winning Nate Benefit has emerged a flagship artist and founding pillar of the flourishing DJ scene in his home base of Billings, Montana. And while most of this industry's residents have adhered to their singular paths, he has proven himself a consummate threat in all of the game's variables. Be it club door or reception floor, DJ Benefit reads a crowd like homework and executes to entertain.
Nate's love for the turntable started at age eight when his uncle gave him a Whodini album. Instantly attracted to this style of music, he began scratching records and his mother's nerves to mimic the sounds he heard coming from the record. It was there in his bedroom that his love for Hip Hop was born. During the following years, Hip Hop's prominence was constant and became an ambient fuel that inhaled him. This immersion sowed in him a passion for the genre's elements that evolved quickly and, after seeing Redman and DJ Spooky in 1997, he bought his first set of turntables. This ascension plucked him from common fandom and dropped him into his new role as a representative of Hip Hip music; a Contributor. And it was time to gig.
Dragging his gear and, "all eight records" to the park near his home, he'd set up at the basketball court and jockey its pickup games. He was also sneaking underaged into small bars and raves to watch local DJs while building at home a record collection that would eventually land him his own slots at house parties. It was then he found a mentor in DJ Swervewon, (Billings/Seattle), who taught him the ropes. Swerve also landed Nate his first paid gig at the Club Carlin in Billings.
From there, the vinyl at home grew quickly and it wasn't all Hip Hop. Records gifted him by family members flavored the collection with everything from Earth Wind & Fire to The Doobie Brothers, and he began experimenting with their beats and transitions. It would be these ambitious patchwork sessions that elevated the mental side of his craft while simultaneously expanding his appeal - he could play anywhere for anybody. Now, sharply honed and versed in his abounding library, he's in demand. And deservedly so.
DJ Benefit's workload is heavy these days and his resume is building. Big names like Cappadonna of Wu Tang, 2 Live Crew, Public Enemy, Screenwerks' DJ 2nd Nature, The Hieroglyphics, DJ Abilities, Paramount Pictures and The 2011 DMC World Champion, DJ Vajra (Chris Karns), have all had their dance floors waxed and packed by Benefit's deft hands. Benefit's demand is obvious in other venues, too: charity events, fund raisers, clubs and wedding receptions. He's played festivals, boxing/MMA events, progressive art shows, fashion events, silent discos, lent his voice and mixing skills to multiple radio spots, promos and responsible for gaining airplay in the greater Billings area for the syndicated mix show GHR.



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